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Women's Health: Self Defense Tips

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The potential to become a victim of a crime is a very real threat to the health and security of all women, regardless of their age or where they live. These threats are varied and include sexual assault, domestic violence, or assault in general. The best way for women to protect themselves is through caution and learning self-defense techniques that can deter or fend off an attacker.

It’s always important to be aware of one’s surroundings, particularly when walking alone or in isolated locations such as parking garages or lots at night. This involves paying complete attention to what is happening and not talking on the phone or listening to music until a secure and safe location has been reached. One should avoid dark or seemingly empty areas where there’s little foot traffic and be cautious of individuals who seem out of place, uncomfortable, or otherwise suspicious. Additionally, it’s just as important to walk with confidence and make eye contact as opposed to appearing timid or afraid. If approached by a person who attempts to touch or grab them, women should know what actions are most likely to help them escape. One of the best ways to do that is to take a self-defense class that’s taught by a trained professional. These classes teach women how to break free from an attacker’s hold and ways to effectively strike an assailant if necessary to make an escape. Other methods of self-defense include carrying a whistle that can be used to attract the attention of anyone who may be within earshot and startle the attacker, or one might choose to carry pepper spray in areas where it is legal to use. (Source: Maryville University)

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